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Sailing changed my life. It puts me in a state of flow and allows me to ignore any depression I may feel regarding the past and any anxieties I have about the future. This has always been the case, not just since my recent diagnosis. In my mind, sailing is therapeutic. I have built my life and my livelihood around single-handed sailing a small vessel where I get to know my guests on an intimate level. It has been rewarding in ways I can’t easily express in one simple post.

My recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis seems like fate’s attempt to throw all of my dreams into a blender. My Coast Guard license is currently awaiting renewal and now a medical waiver. My new need for captains has left us sometimes unable to accommodate all who want to head out on our excursions. All this makes this summer feel on paper like a giant failure. But it’s not. We won’t allow it to be. 

Here it is short and sweet. I have a plan to save my season and after a few weeks of juggling captains, symptoms, doctors visits, and managing mine and the family’s emotional response to all of these changes I’m ready to lean on you and accept your help. So what’s the deal? Judy and I intend to make lemonade from these lemons by asking you to help us to help others. Soon after the diagnosis, a friend who realized it could put our business in a state of financial jeopardy asked me if I intended to launch a Go-fund Me. My response was a fairly immediate “no”. 


Maybe it’s just stubborn pride but I don’t want your money for nothing. I’d rather work for it. So how is that going to work? Judy has been working on the details of setting up gift certificates through our website which can be purchased by clicking the button below. They are titled “pay it forward” gift certificates. If you have the resources and are feeling a little or a lot of sympathy for our current situation, we would love the opportunity to send someone in need sailing for a few of those therapeutic vibes I described earlier. Who exactly we will be taking sailing remains to be seen but I have contacts with local nonprofit groups such as social work organizations, veterans programs and drug and alcohol recovery groups and we are excited to share our process as we go. In short, purchase of “pay it forward” gift certificates will allow me the opportunity to keep feeding my family while providing  those in need of some “sail therapy” an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise afford. 

We want to be clear that this is a for-profit venture that supports a cause that is two-fold. Establishing this revenue stream should allow our business to fully employ a few captains for what remains of the 2019 sailing season, focus on the still unknown road ahead and help others who deserve a great time and some sailing therapy. For that, and any assistance going forward we offer our thanks to you for being such a wonderful community.

Thank you, Captain Jeff Beck

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